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World T20, 2nd Semi-Final

India vs West Indies

at Mumbai, Mar 31, 2016
West Indies 196/3 beat India 192/2 by 7 wickets

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Your favorite Cricket format | Who should be the next Indian ODI captain? | Who should be the next Indian Test captain? | Should the Union Government take over the BCCI? | Ajith Agarkar's inclusion in the Indian 20/20 team | BCCI's Retaliation: Kapil Sacked as NCA Chairman | The future of ICL | India's Cricket World Cup debacle Latest at the top

Your favorite Cricket format

What is your favourite form of the game?

Poll conducted from Sep 19 - Sep 30, 2007
Right after the Twenty20 world cup..
Test 743  18.5% 
ODI 1256  31.3% 
20/20 2010  50.1% 
Total Votes : 4010

Stuart Robinson, the former marketing manager of the England and Wales Cricket Board, who is credited with devising Twenty20 has said it is "intended as a stepping stone for people to watch the longer version of the game". How popular is it after two years, and one world cup later? We asked our visitors..

2007-08 ODI Captain

Who should be the next Indian ODI captain?

Poll conducted on September 18, 2007
As BCCI is contemplating on grooming youngsters..
Saurav Ganguly 534  70.8% 
Mahendra Dhoni 100  13.3% 
Yuvraj Singh 51  6.8% 
Virendra Sehwag 14  1.9% 
Total Votes : 754

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was appointed the captain of the ODI site, on Sep 19 2007, that has three former captains besides a couple of recalled seniors for a water-tight 12-ODI schedule against Australia and Pakistan. While Yuvraj Singh has been named vice-captain, Virender Sehwag stays out of the team though it is believed that he may get a chance soon with the selectors putting a rotation system in place, especially for the seniors.

Dada still reigns..

Who should be the next Indian Test captain?

Poll conducted from September 15 to 17, 2007
Total Votes : 1113

Ganguly who has been nicknamed Bengal Tiger, Prince of Calcutta, Lord Snooty by his opponents, and affectionately Dada by his team-mates, went on to become the captain of the Indian cricket team from 2000 to 2005. He led India to the 2003 World Cup finals, and holds the Indian captaincy record for the most Test victories. Following an exit from the national team in early 2006, Ganguly was recalled to the Indian test side in December, staging a successful comeback in the 2006 - 2007 Indian tour of South Africa.

The Politics of Sports

Should the Union Government take over the BCCI?

Poll conducted from September 6 to 15, 2007
Total Votes : 1354

Ajith Agarkar, the comeback man!

Ajit Agarkar's inclusion in the 20/20 Indian team

Poll conducted from September 6 to 9, 2007

Retaliation from BCCI: Kapil Sacked as NCA Chairman

The Kapil Dev - BCCI rift

Poll conducted from September 1 to 5, 2007
Was BCCIs treatment of Kapil Dev an insult to the game itself?
Yes  1156  85.3% 
No  198  14.6% 
Total Votes : 1354

ICL's future

ICL BCCI tussle 2007 Poll

Poll conducted from August 24 to 31, 2007
Will the Indian Cricket League be successful?
Yes, it will do better than BCCI 834  68.9% 
No, it won't last long  196  16.2% 
It will have a supportive role to BCCI  181  14.9% 
Total Votes : 1211

ICC World Cup 2007 Poll

India crashes out of the World Cup

Poll conducted from April 28 to May 5, 2007
Possible reasons for India's defeat
Selection & Politics 420  41.8% 
Team & Player Standard  292  29.1% 
Team Management, Coach  159  15.8% 
Captain  133  13.2% 
Total Votes : 1004

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