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ICC Champions Trophy 2017

India vs Pakistan FINAL

Sunday 18 June 17 @ The Oval
Match scheduled to begin at 10:30 local time (09:30 GMT)

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NYPD launches youth T20 cricket tournament

Ever since the development of baseball, the simplified version of the sport, Americans have been lost to the more demanding challenges — and pleasures — of cricket.
So who would have thought that New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly would bat for the largely ignored underdog sport in America by launching a citywide youth cricket league? After years of focusing around American sports, Kelly said the New York Police Department (NYPD) is introducing more international sports and culture to New Yorkers. The force will provide helmets, jerseys and pants to the players, who come from all five boroughs and range in age from 14-19.
“Our world has become a lot smaller and we are far more connected,” Kelly said at the Twenty20 Cricket Cup inaugural match between the Punjab and Cosmos teams. “We want to ensure people can play what they want to play,” added New York’s top cop who tossed the coin to loud cheers and drum rolls. The response has been overwhelming — a reflection of New York’s growing number of immigrants from the Caribbean and South Asia. The tournament being played out at Brooklyn’s Gateway Cricket Ground has attracted nearly a hundred players. There are six teams each predictably dominated by Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Zimbabweans and South Africans. But of course there are no Americans.
The idea is the NYPD’s new immigrant outreach initiative that attempts to bridge gaps between ethnic groups inside the city. Earlier, in May it started a soccer league. “This sport is a part of me, of my culture, and it feels great to play it here, in the city,” Pakistan-born Umar Hayat, 17, a Lincoln High School student and member of Brooklyn’s Pak-Brighton cricket team told reporters.
John Aaron, secretary of the United States of America Cricket Association, which oversees the small cricket leagues that exist in the US thanked Kelly for being “a de facto partner” in efforts to promote cricket.

England in talks with US billionaire to rival IPL

English cricket officials began several days of talks with an American billionaire Tuesday in a last-ditch bid to set up a rival to the Indian Premier League (IPL).
The talks between the Antigua-based Allen Stanford and the top brass of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) come just four days before the billion dollar-IPL championship kicks off in Bangalore Friday. Stanford, who runs a Twenty20 league in the Caribbean and requested the meeting, is thought to be a potential partner of the ECB.
ECB chairman Giles Clarke is reported to have been sufficiently "intrigued" by the Texan-born billionaire's offer to discuss it with English players at a meeting in New Zealand last month.
Before Tuesday's meeting, he said: "We don't want a knee-jerk reaction to the IPL but we believe that we can set up a robust, spectator-friendly, economically sustainable competition of our own which will not cut across the core revenue streams of Test and one-day international cricket." Although details of Stanford's offer are not known, the Times newspaper said he could be wishing to express an interest in any international dimension of a new league to be introduced at the height of the English summer.
It said England has the inherent advantage of its cricket season coming at what is the low point of the cricket year for other nations for climate reasons. The ECB's meeting with Stanford will also include discussion about a Stanford 20/20 challenge during England's tour of West Indies next year. Clarke is expected to attend the IPL launch along with ECB chief executive David Collier and commercial director John Perera.

USA Cricket Team

The United States national cricket team is the team that represents the United States of America in international cricket matches. The team became an associate member of the International Cricket Council in 1965. The United States of America Cricket Association was recently suspended by the ICC for—among other things—failure to hold office-bearers elections under the terms of a new constitution. However, as of April 1st, 2008, the necessary reformations have been made under the supervision of the West Indies Cricket Board and the ICC has welcomed the USACA back into the council.

USA Cricket Team

2008 ICC World Cricket League Division Five Squad

Steve Massiah (Captain), Gowkaran Roopnarine (Wicket Keeper), Imran Awan, Orlando Baker, Lennox Cush, Rahul Kukreti (Wicket Keeper), Rashard Marshall, Masood Mohamed, Sushil Nadkarni, Steve Pitter, Niraj Shah, Kwawaja Shuja, Wahab Syed, Aditya Thyagarajan, Carl Wright (Wicket Keeper).

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